Our first delivery from Sandwich will be here soon!

We can't wait, and we thought you'd like some eye candy to look at till the real thing comes in! ;)
(Hopefully it'll be here by the end of this week! Fingers crossed.)
Colours! :D
We <3 this sweet sleeveless blouse & comfy jeans.
Sandwich scarves are the best! This one pulls all the colours from this fab delivery.
This cute printed tee has cap sleeves, great to cover those upper arms!
Love this outfit...we will be getting the tee in White & the skirt in White/lead stripe.
This comfy skirt will be available in Lead!
Sweet jacket...love the buttons & stripes!
Fab-fitting capris in summery white & another fantastic Sandwich striped scarf!
Keep your eyes peeled...this collection will be available online soon!