BauXo Mindful Bracelet
BauXo Mindful Bracelet

BauXo Mindful Bracelet

Taking design cues from ancient symbols called 'glyphs', BauXo's created a collection that encourages intentional living. These beaded bracelets use two different symbol and stone combinations to leave you feeling inspired:

- the Explore glyph is paired with the pyrite stone, reminding the wearer to remain curious when travelling and to have good luck along the way.
- the Protect glyph is paired with lapis lazuli as the stone is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, reminding the wearer that she is supported and cared for.

Measurement: 7" with 2" extender

Silver: silver plated brass pendant with pyrite or lapis lazuli

As these are natural stones, each may vary in appearance from the samples shown.