Tanglewood Organic Lotion Butter - Lovely Lemon

Tanglewood Organic Lotion Butter - Lovely Lemon


For normal-dry skin

This creamy, happy lemon scented lotion butter* is very nourishing; a little goes a long way. Gorgeous organic ingredients combine to luxuriously lavish the skin with healthful, nourishing goodness. Apply to damp skin for the most nourishing benefits. A dab will do. Tanglewood's lotion balms are well loved - selling out wherever they go! 

Organic Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, lemongrass essential oil

What is the difference between lotion and lotion butter or balm? Lotion is the emulsion of oil and water. However, whenever water is included in a product, a preservative is required. We are not comfortable including preservatives in our products, therefore we suggest using it on moist skin- you provide the water (hydration) and we provide the concentrated, skin-soothing, nourishing ingredients (locking in the hydration, nourishing and softening the skin)! Forgoing larger, wastefully packaging also allows this compact lovely butter to conveniently fit into purses, car pockets, and saves on the shipping cost too! Better for you and our precious environment!